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hold the whine

in, or out. why play games?

in a society rife with the cowardly and superficial, we need to get into the habit of stepping up and daring more greatly.

this is different for everyone. we’re all at different levels of comfort within ourselves, at different levels of authenticity, we value different things, and think we know what we want, until we discover that it was someone else’s idea.

we copied, borrowed, coped, adopted, escaped, split ourselves into fragments and ignored our intuitions. we played along, we followed, or we blazed ahead in arrogance, vengeance and spite. now we need to reintegrate.

intimacy is one way, and trust takes time… and effort. this is good, for through consistency, we build our confidence and resolve, while burning off impurities, and discerning our true desires.

nothing is ever resolved in polite or managed, careful and fear-laced holding patterns. walking through the forest of unknowns, being open to what could be, will inevitably find us tripping on obscured roots and exposed undergrowth.

there will be cuts and scrapes. there will be confusion, disorientation, frustration. but there will be rewards. this is the point.

pain happens. love happens. life happens. our mission, whether we choose to accept it or not, is before us. with every step, thought, impulse and choice, we compose our ballad, refine our lyrics, and define our bridges and choruses.

your music is alive. dance.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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