all that stress, anxiety, worry, and fear around finding a mate, partner, career, purpose, passion, or hairstyle, is a tremendous waste of energy.

all around us are multitudes of distortions, misinformation, disinformation, advertising (scarcity/lack), loud mouths, and small minds.

if you choose to live in a city, spend hours on social media, watch the news, or walk by a magazine shelf, you’re having to fend off all sorts of nastiness — energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. this can and will create a mush of your psychology, and some of it will likely stick to you.

do you even know why you want what you want? why are you perpetually lonely (even when married, with kids)? why are you at odds with your mind? your heart? your neighbor? why are you broke (or terrified of ever being so)? panicked about locking doors? buying more insurance? tanning your ass? buying that low-cut shirt? skin-tight leggings? injecting your forehead? painting your eyelids? dyeing your beard? shaving your junk?

because you’re not enough. it’s not enough. they’re not enough. you’re wrong, broken, imperfect, and weak. you’re moments away from sickness or death. you’re not as capable, or intellectual, or as much of an activist as that celebrity. you’re not as resilient as that marine. you’re not as busty as that blonde. you’re not as fuckable as that model.

all bullshit.

because of all that’s come before us, and all that could persist after, we have to do the work.

we have to address the trauma. we have to face the demons. we have to look deeply into the wound. we have to repair the DNA, balance the energy centers, evolve and purify our minds, and reconnect with the source of all things.

we have to remember. we have to start with love, in all things — in all business, governance, education, commerce, finance, and industry… in your child’s question.

we have to dare greatly, and we have to anchor again into the collective of one, living as the knowingness, with the grace and peace of a thousand suns.

take back your story, creator being. i’d like to feel inspired.

solvitur ambulando

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