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it’s so easy

it’s pretty easy to point fingers and throw insults at the fat, white, sexist, rich, ignorant, stupid politician.

but that’s only one perspective, and a powerful one that grants entry into the club. yay you.

it’s easy to hate. so easy that we think it’s enough. end of story. back to the grind. start a facebook group first, though, so haters can gather and share clever memes.

that’s so weak, monkey.

we conveniently forget that the outward expression of disgust and vitriol is a plain-as-day expression of that which lies within.

we hate feeling powerless. we hate having the worst of us on display for all the world to see. we hate the most obvious mirrors and brutal reflections of that which we wish didn’t exist in our hearts, our consciousness, and our culture at large.

but, that’s just one perspective.

we hate, because we care, deeply. truly, as beings of divinity in motion, we are designed to emanate the subtly cosmic glow with which we were created. love makes space for every expression.

we resort to the baser instincts and child’s play when we forget, and the brushes of cynicism and sarcasm are the widest in the mix…sloppy and easy. then, another century goes by, millions senselessly killed, violence still rules the day, borders adjusted, governments designed, banks established… boring. predictable.

so much profit to be made! they really clean up at this time of year in our society (see? easy).

take a good look and feel into what you’re bringing to the mix. is that the real you?

truth is an organic construct that changes with the seasons, and with our expulsion of necessary chaos and calamity. you have your own, so stop borrowing it from headlines and those with strong opinions who love nothing more than to share it, desperate for a “hell yeah!” from another loser who won’t stand up for their own damn selves.

let love lead you. anybody can hate. you are better than that, and we need you back in the saddle.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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