Trancetrance blackman is a prolific singer-songwriter, composer and producer.

he’s a natural uplifter, a romantic, consciously infused, and universal of mind. his music and words express and examine life’s intricacies and contrast, inspirations and challenges. he’s passionate about shaking up hearts and minds, inviting everyone to take a peek behind the veil of this game. it’s about love, unity, understanding, remembering our greater story, shattering old illusions, and transcending petty, violent, divisive, broken ideas.

trance’s music has elements, and influences of U2, Phil Collins, ABBA, Elton John, Yanni, Sting, Seal, Peter Gabriel, Enrique Iglesias, Chris de Burgh, Moby, Muse, and Ryan Farish, among others, blending smooth vocal harmonies with hook-infused melodies.

he delves into many genres, often blending more than a few. he’s dabbled in parody. but for the most part, let the song go where it wants to go.

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check out tb’s discography (store) on Bandcamp for all the latest (and oldest, and everything in between).

works-in-progress, remixes, tidbits, and unfinished “demo” tracks can be found at SoundCloud. check the YouTube channel page for links to…videos.

trance’s music has been featured in film/tv productions, he’s worked as producer, co-writer, and he occasionally produces remixes for other artists.

thank you for listening, and for your support!

music is life.

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