it’s just a feeling, not necessarily a truth.

all along the grand scheme of the journey, stories and themes intertwine, layer, compete, frustrate, numb, reveal and expose.

we find ourselves time and again slamming into a few default settings that rarely hold or engender our ideal, or preferred way of being. but they’re safe, familiar, and we can absolutely count on them to be nothing more, and nothing less than perfectly what they are.

so it remains for us to choose. we can say we’re more, but we have to dare to be more. it might work out! it might not.

embrace the unknown because part of you knows something important is hiding there. the enemy is the presumption, the expectation, the form and shape of what has come before, far too many times. the malleable space of what could be awaits our presence and maybe some wilful focus.

solvitur ambulando, truly.