it never stops
though sometimes
it’d be easier
if it did
for a few breaths
but that isn’t the truth

it’s resistance;
holding on
to hurt
makes it seem
the rivers are pushing
crashing against us

the water simply flows
with effortless ease
over and patiently through
the most stubborn
of stones
always ready to
crack open
the hard places

it never lingers
lest it stagnate
to be invaded by
the slime and
mire making

and even then!
life supports life
even if our
palates and noses
can’t stand the
stink of it

freeze it
burn it
ingest it
waste it
launch it into space
it will take on
whatever form it needs
to please and
to madden you

it will return to the rivers
cold, perhaps
but not calculating

just to flow

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