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Spreading the Love

It’s an odd idea, this spreading the message of love. Love is a given. Love is eternal, beyond mind, outside of quantification and qualification. So, what are we really trying to spread?

More often that not, I see we’re spreading fear. We’re talking about love, but wrapping it in scarcity and lack. Nobody is born unloved, yet we persist with antiquated ideas that one has to earn their place, earn a living, earn their salvation, and earn recognition and respect. Ridiculous.

If you’re keen to spread the message of love, deal with your judgements and fear-based attachments. With these noise-makers out of your consciousness, fewer words will be needed, and more substance will emerge in your waking minutes.

Everyone is on their journey. You are, too. Fighting and resisting and competing with that which you deem weak within yourself and others only feeds energy to that which you resist.

What would love do? It would see it, take a brief look at it, and let the river carry it away, so to leave you connected with the flow, not the transient idea or belief.

You will never recognize the god-quality in others until you observe and embody it within yourself. Spread the message of love throughout your inner universe. Rekindle the creative fire.

Now, look again. There is the love.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2019 Trance Blackman

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