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in film/video editing, we can change the narrative, tone, meaning, perception and perspective with every single cut….

empty matters

when 99.9% of all we will be, do, or have doesn’t really matter, the least you can do, truly, is be of beneficence and uplift everywhere you happen to go….


it’s interesting how our perspective on past events changes as we get older. as we explore, experience, and mature, we want to know and discern the meaning of things for ourselves, and life is always providing the ways and means to glean wisdom from our tripping and falling and stumbling over our own feet. what’s…

the stumbling stone

it is the plight of the wayshowers to battle the winds of time, to clear the path for those who follow. there are no victims here; we choose our own adventure in every breath, between every heartbeat. when we opted for the skills and senses of uncommon and elevated, we invited the necessary process of…

the menacing

the process of rewriting our story is quite taxing.  shadowy figures make their presence known through struggle, frustration, anger, and denial, as we delve deeper and deeper into uprooting the dysfunction of outdated paradigms. part of us is furious because we feel as if we’ve been so easily duped, for so long. part of us…