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to lose yourself


i recall several distinct moments in my life, as they revolved around music. it’s interesting what memories surface in random tangents to what may be on the mind at any given moment… when i was younger, we lived in a house that had a full, separate garage behind it, and my dad had at some…

a dwelling on the precipice


your truth is deep, invigorating, light. you can feel it, when you reconnect with real substance. your true self is beyond fear; your true self doesn’t fear your fears…it embraces them.

“What You Don’t Want Me To Say” – Official Music Video

“What You Don’t Want Me To Say” is the opening track from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part I. “what you don’t want me to say” by trance blackman thoughts come in hidden measures i haven’t figured out their ways the universal signal is awaiting me vibrations echo stronger am i controlling this? there has to be another…