we define anchors within ourselves, for different reasons, for different issues, for different people and situations.

some of them can run down deep into the subconscious, and while we think there may be some play or elasticity in sailing forth, hoping it will simply dislodge itself, the premise proves to be flawed.

small elements, or even huge revelations are encountered, yet the flow is abbreviated or halted – even set back and reversed – because the anchor still holds.

life will give us endless distractions, busyness, noise, routine or responsibility, allowing us to glance at the taut chain from time to time, but it is always upon us to finally make the conscious effort to follow it down into the murky depths, to discern what still holds us in this pattern or belief, and be ok with all of it.

the alternative is to adorn the chain with lovely superficialities, pleasantries, salves, creams, and dietary supplements, and to thus bring our stories into the strict confines of these narrow parameters.

we already do this, as we can only view the world through the meanings we assign to anything and everything… and NONE of it is REAL.

certainly, the anchor can hold steady our vessel through rough weather and unpredictable seas, but our ships were never designed simply to float.

the torment is a companion until we shift and allow the torrent of what lies beyond to explode into our lives.

look again. heart open.

solvitur ambulando

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