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Lip Service

Start living your trueness, embody your authentic self, and you won’t need validation from anyone, ever. You also won’t need to boast about how virtuous, righteous, just and amazing you are. We will see it. Your tribe will find you.

Less bullshit. More substance.

The more you play games, the more you invite the game to play you. Awaken.

People and circumstances show up for us for perfect reasons, in their perfect timings. Little catalysts, to life changing events, are all in order with your highest and deepest desires.

Choose an elevated, empowering perspective. There are no victims here.

Make room for the sacred and the resonant. If you need ritual, or religion, use it, until you grow out of it. You are attached to nothing, and whatever allows for your return to true self serves you, and the collective.

Find your foundational spirituality in nature, in art, on the dance floor, in her arms, in his eyes, in your reflection… Allow the clarity of who you really are to emerge again.

This won’t be the last time you need to do this. Life here is messy, alive, chaotic, unsteady, unpredictable — yet you can rest in the surety of your continuance (your relevance) and that of your story, and your legacy.

We require nothing outside of us to step into our sovereignty and reclaim or reignite our eternal flame.

You’ve been deceived. Let that shit burn away.

Awaken, you lovely beast. The cage, is the illusion.

Solvitur ambulando