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Visions and Oracles

There’s a reason we have a dream as a child. We are born with a vision, and we arrive complete with everything we’ll need to accomplish it.

It may not initially be clear, but it will always emerge.

If our needs are met, we can pursue these desires and ideals in earnest. Yet, this is where most of us get hung up.

In many ways, the systems of this world have deeply rooted attachments to the ideas of lack and scarcity. We perpetuate the notions that a human is born weak, defenseless, dependent, ignorant, and otherwise doomed to death and uselessness without constant training, conditioning, manipulation, and education.

And, being so completely out of touch and existing in virtual disconnection with nature only exacerbates these fallacies.

We know what’s best (almost never; we were taught by the ignorant). The beasts and resources of the planet are ours to use as we please (no, Earth is a living system of innumerable intricacies and interconnectedness, perfectly designed to be lived on in harmony, synergy, and mutual beneficence). Life is hard (we’ve made it so). True love is impossible (no, Love is the only Truth).

On, and on.

As we grow up, how many of us shelve the dream? How many times do we delay, defer, and make excuses? Then, rather than fanning the flames of our inherent passion, we drag along regrets, anger, frustration, and pile on the baggage, as we search fruitlessly for satisfaction in all but our own true way.

Thus, we adopt and filter our entire reality through the distortions of “not enough”. The bubble gets ever smaller, and more and more of what’s “out there” is to blame.


It’s not true. Either we’ll learn or remember it in this life, or we’ll have a grand, hearty laugh when our bodies expire. It won’t really matter. Some good always comes of a lifetime. Something expansive will be added to the All.

We choose whether to dive into the limitless, or not. If that triggers some anger, guilt, shame, or other negatively charged emotion, good. It’s just information. I don’t care what you do with it.

But, you do.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2019 Trance Blackman

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