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A Waiting

Waiting for life to show you the path
Is waiting for disappointment
It is not our lot to push, to labor, to force
Yet neither is it to simply react;
The magic is in the co-creation

Our unseen attributes suffer
When our reliance is on the material
Our material nature suffers
When our reliance is on the unseen

As we walk, our shadow will lead
Then follow
Then lead
Then follow
Yet for much of the journey
It is by our side

Stare at the sun, and it becomes undone

The shadow holds no judgement
Lest we imbue it as such
It is merely our interruption of light;
Its only purpose is to remind us
That so long as it remains visible
There is still work to do

It is easy enough to walk confidently
In the light of the full moon
Yet when it is again invisible and new
Will you trust in your knowing
And follow your feet
Or will you wait?

No one is assured a tomorrow
And yesterday matters most to the inert —
To the fearful, frail, and the
Willing to be forgotten

. . .

The now is alive:
Strive for a purity of thought
And it will reflect increasing precision
Strive for perfection
And you will uncover your soul
Through love’s perfect perception

Solvitur ambulando

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