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The Real Slice of Life

We’re at a critical time in history when the perspective of a narrow, limited scope can do more harm than good. Though, perhaps it’s always been that way, but today, we have the benefit of massive research and analysis, measurement, science, data and information at our disposal. The problem, is the system or philosophy employed, and the consciousness underpinning the methodologies therein.

We tend to err on the side of the reductionist, and remain intent on naming key issues as singular causes and reasons for all sorts of worldly concerns. Individualistic and specialized methodologies cannot adequately address systemic problems, and all problems are more than they appear to be.

Lawmakers, politicians, economists, activists, non-profits, charities, and other motivated segments of society keep slamming into the same walls, repeating the same cycles, while very little true reparation and progress is achieved. Most are used to “fighting” for their cause, and perhaps not enough are asking why.

If we could look at life on Earth in a cross-section, slicing the hierarchy top to bottom, we might begin to understand that while the symptoms and their solutions appear to be simple, the world’s problems are complex, multifaceted, and utterly interdependent. Thus, global solutions must begin from a place of inclusivity and unified consciousness, in a way that spans culture, ideology, and values systems. Otherwise, an increasing futility will emerge through the efforts of those willing to get their hands dirty and do the work; many resources are ineffectually allotted as bandages, rather than addressing the deeper causality.

Humanity is wounded, but infallibly adaptable and resilient. We’re conflicted, because when we see technology that is racing ahead in development and dissemination, we believe that fixing the failings in all areas of life can benefit from a similar expediency and logical efficiency. Life, however, is organic, though perhaps to at least some degree adheres to the algorithmic; small changes, over time, shift an entire species in one direction or another, and all of the ancillary and branching development stems from initially simple instigations and origins.

Solutions to today’s problems will come from outside established parameters. They have to, because collectively, we know that next-level existence requires next-level awareness, cooperation, collaboration, communication, and consideration.

It’s a particularly interesting time to be alive, wouldn’t you agree?

Solvitur ambulando

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