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The uphill battle is only ever our own figurative mountain. The dreams and aspirations that uncloak in childhood are closest to our hearts because life has yet to “get in the way”… Indeed.

The longer we wait to engage our purest inspiration, the further down the slope we slip. Life works with or against us only as much as we choose; it is the ever-willing partner in whatever arena we dare to enter… or avoid.

It does not judge: the universe is only ever a resounding “yes!”

Time is irrelevant. Worry is irrelevant. “But, how?” is irrelevant.

Nothing flickers across our consciousness without our inherent capacity to fulfil it. While our mind may only perceive one path, one result, one outcome, it’s not for our mind to discern the how and who and where and when. It’s the why.

And the why is always to feel good; to feel happy; to feel we are being of service — to our spirit, our purpose, and to the collective.

Start with the heart, follow your feet. Eyes open.

Solvitur ambulando