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No book is complete. In fact, your imagination and belief structure are constantly filling in gaps and interpreting words and ideas, based on the perspective of one author (or council, agency, sect, special interest, or society) filtered and remade through your perception again.

No one person has all the answers, nor is capable of doing or being everything we need.

No singular source of information is likely enough to fulfil our multiple facets and dimensions of learning and understanding — that is, until we transcend the transient and calcified encumbrances of structured, limited physical reality. Such is not the practiced way of this particular Earthly arena.

There is a lot of data available to us: our thoughts, our heart’s murmurings, our experiences (shared and solitary) and our physical and metaphysical senses. These days, there’s a general assault coming at us from all directions, and it’s quite often overwhelming.

But, it’s just information. It’s just stuff happening. It’s things we learn to deal with, to understand (or not), to keep or to discard. The more time we spend attached to or obsessed with anything, the less opportunity we give to the flow of refined or more applicable information.

We’re addicted to control, to ownership, dominion, and labeling it all. We display religious inclinations, both in spirituality, and in science. Necessary, expansive maturation and paradigm-shifting, Earth-embracing technological breakthroughs are consistently held back by dogma, ignorance and myopic (or fiscal) bias. We tend to be easily drawn into the numbing details and rudimentary repetitiveness — rather than open to inherently natural and organic processes.

There are clocks everywhere, reminding us of schedules and timings and the tick-tock soul-drain of society’s rigmarole. We think it’s beneficial to “adult” when we need only to look to our nearest toddler to remember the play is the thing.

It’s important, perhaps, to know how long to boil an egg. It’s however not important to time the exploration of an out-of-body (or, out-of-mind) sojourn, or to forcefully limit the story of the invasion of the seashell people into the ever-crumbling sandcastle.

What they say to you, what’s posted on social media, what’s in the headlines, what dances across your mind… is information. It may suit your story, or not. It may serve you, or not. Dare to simply let it linger… if it feels right to savor it, then carry on.

Life implores us always to be curious, wondering, expanding, seeking our gems, and gifting our love.

All the rest is noise.

Solvitur ambulando