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Money, and the Fading Patriarchy

Money is a tough subject. It isn’t real, yet our entire world revolves around it. The ultra-rich will go to war, or start one, to protect it. The average person will work 20 to 110 hours a week to earn it. The hobo will beg for it. There are varying degrees in between, of course.

The idea is one that underpins a lot of our strange reality: giving value, influence, and power, to transient thoughts, feelings, and things. Currency has value, because Government, Inc. Says it does. Because we agree with this attribution, they can give it, take it, tax it, freeze it, and devalue it at will. Pain has value, because our human bodies can feel it, and we fear it, generally. Polarity has value, because we want to belong, and we want to have meaning, so standing on one side or another, is our attempt to fit in and matter. It’s also an important governing mechanism of our internal psychological processes: what’s right, and what’s wrong; what’s normal, and what’s weird; what’s healthy, and what needs healing.

These are all external forces, which have for a very long time been the focus of and subject to the manipulation of masculine ideals and energies. The gross imbalance we’ve journeyed through for millennia has delivered us the world we now know. As we are now transitioning into an era of balance and recapitulation, the utter chaos and uncertainty of it all is throwing many of us for a wild, spiritual, emotional, existential loop.


We always carry forward ideas, beliefs, understanding and experience from those who came before, and some of it is even passed down through our DNA. The struggle, is reconciling the old ways, with new understandings.

When it comes to relationships, we have new energies, higher vibration, and evolved thinking of what love is, what healthy communication is, what equality is, and what partnership is. But we have residual ideas that cloud judgment, hinder the inherent trust and intuition we are born with, and we still fear pain and being hurt.

Thus, we can find ourselves lonely, even in a crowded room.


We have a great deal of shame and guilt (and resentment) about the majority of failed marriages and relationship mistakes our parents and grandparents endured (including the vast ineptitude of unconscious parenting). The weight of our dichotomy of desires is often paralyzing. We’ve engaged an emotional paranoia and general distrust of feeling good.

Yet in this age of awareness, information, and heightening energies, we are tasked now with processing, integrating, and letting go of old hurts, blame, dysfunction, inequity, misunderstanding, powerlessness, shadow play, martyrdom, and victimhood. We know, intimately, the source of these ancient fallacies, and we must reclaim our sovereignty over it.

We can trust ourselves. We can dare, greatly. We can have, be, and do amazing. We must be our authentic selves. We must know that we deserve, and are allowed, to be loved — massively, faithfully, deeply, passionately, purely, and truly, for who and what we really are.

There’s no question that we belong here, now. There’s perfection in our returning, once again, to this dance. There is guidance in our timely revelations and spiritual, conscious moments of resonance. There is a musical truth, anchored in our hearts.

It is of a love, divine.

It is what we really are.

Love your life, tb


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