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On Creatives

An artist will frequently have to choose to shun acceptable behavior, political correctness, and most common comforts to truly be in the spacetime of their genius. Playing it safe is painting by numbers; stealing a riff; autotune; obeying the clock; failing and failing and giving up; pandering to and placating the normals; ignoring and suppressing what the world needs of us.

It’s not that we actively seek out the pain, but that it’s the shortest way back to truth. It’s only there we find the surest way to lose ourselves in the glorious, timeless moment of pure, thoughtless abandon. The more stubbornly we put it off, likely the more inequable our lives will feel and be.

We chose an artist’s way. We chose to be the raw, sensitive, unpredictable and counter-commonplace, counter-intuitive . . . We are the entire other half of the scale that maintains this very reality. It’s our onus and responsibility to remember, now and again, we have intrinsic value here.

You be you.

Solvitur ambulando