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Popping Bubbles

Being defeatist and stuck in victimhood is exactly what “they” want. Their AIs, ad firms, public education curriculums, corporate lobbyists, brainwashed activists, “truther” news sources and controlled opposition — and of course pathetic, useful idiot robot politicians — work tirelessly to convince you to believe that what they say on endless repeat is real about this world.

It’s all nonsense. Epistemological blinders and mind control mechanisms distort your perception all the time, everywhere, all at once.

The reality bubbles created and fomented by state funded media, search engine censorship and curation, social media algorithms, and government propaganda blind you and numb you to the possibilities.

You need to reclaim control of your actions, beliefs, values, and preferences.

There are 196 sovereign countries. At this time, only 87 are entertaining the idea of CBDCs, and most aren’t the power hungry fascisto-communist-leaning kind as we’re seeing in Canada, UK, US, Australia, NZ, etc.

There’s a lot more to the story. Break pattern.

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