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The Menacing: Rewriting Our Story

Audio Version (featuring music by Sergii Pavkin)

The process of rewriting our story is quite taxing.

Shadowy figures emerge through struggle, frustration, anger, and denial as we work to uproot the dysfunction of outdated paradigms. Part of us is furious because we believe we have been duped for so long. Part of us is furious because, with the current explosion of awareness and escalating injections of pure consciousness, it appears that change — in positive, fundamental ways — cannot happen fast enough. It only adds to the madness of those who continue to act in clearly destructive ways, exacerbating our sense of powerlessness.

On our little planet, insanity is rampant. In the last century alone, we have nearly wiped out our species several times. We are constantly given new opportunities to let this old, repetitive story unfold, to see if we can align with our greater truth, and to find the gear that finally propels this reality into cruising speed. But we resist our infinity.

Acceptance of reality is one aspect of the struggle. To take responsibility for picking up the pieces and truly engaging the mechanism, we must embrace everything we have been and accept the consequences of what we have not. The world is as it is, and massive healing can only occur when we turn to face our reflection — to integrate it all and accept that it is all part of our journey and our doing. If we had to, we could spend a long time dissecting everything, trying to comprehend all of the nuances, subtleties, and motivations.

But knowing all the hows and whys isn’t the problem. This is how our minds become entangled in infinitely unraveling threads and endless distraction, desperate for meaning — desperate to relieve guilt, shame, powerlessness, and find anything to bridge the chasm between the heart and the soul. There is no need.

We’ve been far too cerebral about all of this, caught up in masculine logic, violence, and the traps of spiraling mental processes. Now is the time to let it all out, to scream the primal screams, cry the soulful rivers of tears, dance the liberating dance, let go of the illusions, and sit in our hearts. We know. We’ve always known.

We created this.

Love your life.