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The Menacing

The process of rewriting our story is quite taxing.

Shadowy figures make their presence known through struggle, frustration, anger, and denial, as we delve deeper and deeper into uprooting the dysfunction of outdated paradigms. Part of us is furious because we feel as if we’ve been so easily duped, for so long. Part of us is furious, because now with the explosion of awareness and escalating injections of pure consciousness, on the surface, it seems change — in positive, fundamental ways — can’t happen fast enough. It only exacerbates the madness of those who continue to operate in obviously destructive ways, amplifying our feelings of powerlessness.

There is rampant insanity on our little planet. In the past century alone, we’ve nearly wiped out our species several times. There is clear evidence that our benevolent family of a higher order saved us from ourselves, if one is open to seeing it. Apparently, Earth is important out there. We are always being given more chances to let this story play out, to see if we can get in line with our greater truth, to see if we can find the gear that finally kicks this reality into cruising speed. Yet, we resist our own infinity.

Part of the struggle is acceptance of what is. To take responsibility for picking up the pieces, and to truly engage the mechanism, we have to embrace all of what we have been – and be accepting of the results of what we have not. The world is how it is, and massive healing can only happen as we turn to face the reflection — to integrate it all and accept that all of it is part of our journey, and all of it is our doing. If we had to, we could take ages to pick it all apart, to cognitively understand all the nuances, subtleties and motivations.

But knowing all the hows and whys is not the issue. This is how our minds get wrapped up in infinitely unraveling threads and endless distraction, desperate to find meaning — desperate to allay guilt, shame, powerlessness, and to find anything to bridge the void between the heart and the soul. There’s no need. We’ve been far too cerebral in all this, drowning in the masculine logic, and violence, and mental processes. Now’s the time let it all go, to scream the primal screams, to weep the soulful rivers of tears, to dance the liberating dance, to shed the illusions, and to sit into our hearts. We know. We have always known. We created this.

Love your life,