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The Future

The pervasive nature of our linear existence can be our greatest foe. We maintain challenging conditions and restrictions here that grind against the very flow of life. Granted, that contrast is how we chose to explore our everything, how we define this physicality, and how we determine the scope of our emotional spectrum.

The future, tomorrow, what is potentially to come, is our addiction. Our modern society is utterly disconnected from presence and the all-that-is in the herenow, by the debilitating notions of planning, scheduling, training, preparing, and conforming. Everything in our culture reaffirms it, too. We exchange our time/life to earn income, to save for education, habitation, travel, material gains, security, retirement, and taxes. We establish laws, bylaws, statutes, leashes, cages, walls and hurdles, ad nauseum.

Add to that rites and rituals, cultural traditions and prevailing ideologies… It’s no surprise why Big Pharma is so big; we’re perpetually stretched to the breaking point. I’d like to believe they will fade from existence as we step back into our true, vibrant, self-healing, limitless selves. Their lucrative business is morbid, violent, misleading, malicious, and spiritually maligned. “You’ll need to take this pill, for life, or else…” Indeed.

We don’t appreciate the extraordinary power of now. We have to discover it again. It’s not on any social media feed, though that entity is a practical method to initiate a modicum of belonging, relating, expression and love. I think it’s critical to remember our “offline” dominion is where foundations truly exist: in family, face-to-face, hand-in-hand; in nature, in our artworks, our writings, our heartful debates and enlivening play.

Anything that seduces you away from the present should be examined. Where did it come from? Who does it belong to? What else is possible? What would love do? If this were true, why does it hurt?

Listen to the stillness in you. Here, now.

Solvitur ambulando