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The Great Debate

It’s tough to engage paradigm-shifting dialogue when everyone comes into it believing they’re right. It’s an unnecessary, childish heaviness that’s ineffective and destructive, at best.

To move forward as a collective, we have to temper the fuck-you, knee-jerk reaction, and ground our concerns in greater compassion, and heart-centered, active listening. It sounds basic, but do you even do this for yourself? When you berate and shame your own being, doing, having, is that founded in kindness? 

This isn’t some presidential debate. This is real life, and it means something to be truly present — for all involved. Those marionettes on their well-lit stage will be utterly forgotten by the end of the decade, for they are a prime example of the massive disconnect between politics, and the soul of the world. They are irrelevant, and not only because their public persona does not reflect the actual machinations of the entity they represent.

Today’s real discussion is elevated by default. It is broader in scope. It is all-inclusive, not simply what’s represented by lines on inaccurate maps, based on outdated empire-building schemes. We are a single heartbeat, and we call ourselves humans. We call this place Earth. We call it the solar system because without our beloved sun we wouldn’t exist.

Life is. Words are simply moot when it comes to the truest communication. We will continue to stumble and bash against the old walls and archetypes until we choose to shut up, grab hold of each other’s hands, and feel our way through them. 

Love isn’t cerebral. It isn’t logical. It isn’t quantifiable, but it is the glue for our purpose, our ikigai, our story, and our stepping stone into unity consciousness.

We are more. We must continue the new conversation. We will inevitably embrace what is there, on our intuitive perimeter, that beckons us toward the light. It’s already here. It is ever-present, and ubiquitous. We just have to change the channel, as it were, and adjust our frequency to match. There is great ease awaiting our global family.

It starts with you. Now would be a good time to elevate.

Love your life