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It’s interesting how our perspectives on past events change as we get older.

As we explore, experience, and mature, we naturally want to comprehend and discern the meaning of things for ourselves, and life is always providing the ways and means to glean wisdom from our tripping and falling and stumbling over our own feet.

What’s quite interesting is that I think we can, in essence, time travel. Within our own consciousness, within our own story — along this timeline we are traveling on — we can observe and conspire with our younger selves, and therefore alter our present selves. We are in effect shifting our perspective of the past, and integrating an increased awareness into our now.

We already do this on some levels, though perhaps unconsciously; the self-examination-through-time-travel idea manifests as healing and revelation, personal growth and self-knowledge. When we learn something about a parent, for example, we invariably begin to connect the dots and then have the opportunity to jump back to a certain vivid memory and/or event and decrypt a new layer to the story. We can thus, ideally, alleviate some emotional weight or psychological burden we’ve been carrying forward as a fundamental belief about ourselves. We can diffuse the negative aspects and transmute the judgments into acceptance and intuitive understanding. It’s a variation on forgiveness. This is life-altering energy work.

We are empowered when we realize that, as per usual, the historical meaning we assigned to an event was made up in our own mind, but not in actuality what the event represented.

There is massive freedom in letting go the knotted towlines. Lightness begets clarity, and more lightness. As we move forward individually, and as a collective, this cognitive process will accelerate. There are more teachers and awakeners and conscious activists than ever before. We are progressively becoming unfazeable (should be a word if it isn’t). It only takes a small percentage of us to shift the entire collective. Like the saying goes, it’s the little things that count…

Our life evolves along a certain trajectory, with key points and critical passages opted into and designed beforehand, but the innumerable nuances and extraordinary breadth of substance through the experiencing is fairly wide open — I would presume. Ideas and energetic ingredients we choose to introduce or integrate alter this trajectory constantly, thus our perception of and experience of events and people changes. What and how we genuinely feel tells us moment by moment if we are relatively close to or leagues away from our essential truth. Today, it’s important to elevate our presence through conscious effort in addressing our hurts and holdups.

Do less, imagine more. Talk less, feel more. Work less, adventure more. Reclaim your authenticity through diligent effort and focused intent. Be more of who you already are.

Solvitur ambulando