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To Be, and Not to Be

There are times when things can build up to such a level of tension inside us that the blinders go up, the heart locks down, the stomach churns and ties into knots, and the brain, and body, just plain hurts.

It is a self-induced paralytic that signals upheaval (or, energetic and spiritual expansion), an opportunity for self-assessment, and something lingering within us in the form of massive resistance.

So, we can choose to rail against everything and everyone, fuck the world, fuck the universe, fuck this or that, or we can allow a release valve to emerge: a random stranger who strikes up a timely conversation, a blog post that’s eerily on topic, a friend’s randomly shared insight, a headline somewhere, a poster, something overheard, whatever it is . . . something seemingly external can and will trigger a cascade of clarity, or a shift in perspective.

When we’re at our wit’s end is usually when we finally drop the bullshit filters, and tap into a deep honesty, surrender, and acceptance within ourselves. It is in these times when the weight demands to be shifted up and away, for our inner compass, our heart and our spirit, will no longer let us keep on keeping on in the way that we are. There is no point, and it is time to just let it out, and let it go.

We pile pressures upon ourselves from countless adopted ideas and influences and shoulds and wishes and conditions preached, accepted, promoted, advertised, taught, and touted across the land. We pile pressure derived from our own lifelong aspirations, imaginings, dreams and desires. What we don’t do enough, perhaps, is sit down and sift through the noise to distill the truth of us.

I am . . .
I am not . . .

We maintain a lot of struggle for no good reason. We need to redefine our parameters, now and again, and put energy into that which we prefer. We need to choose the struggles that better align with what we truly want. There are so many things we may have forever been trying to convince ourselves we wanted, when in truth, we don’t. What is the why?

This blog by Mark Manson may be helpful. It inspired several a-ha revelations for me, which unlocked and released some age-old weight on my mind, shoulders, and heart.

We adopt enormous pressure with regards to achieving, success, goals and such. How many of these ideas are legitimately our own? How many have we strung along for a long time that are not actually things we truly want to struggle with? If there’s a prevailing wind always pushing you back and down, examine your values, and your beliefs, and connect with the you that is suppressed and laden with these stagnant energies. Simplify by releasing attachments to that which is irrelevant.

It is a balancing act, but not on a tightrope 3,000 feet in the air. It’s just the next step on your path, grounded in self-knowledge and authenticity.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life