you are god made flesh, participating in a strange, convoluted terrestrial game. there are forces about that utterly despise you for your freedom to choose. you can play any and all roles imaginable here – and likely already have.

you can make, and have made, agreements on many levels, across timelines and dimensions, to explore everything on offer in what to most seems merely clunky, messy, and physical.

you forget your divine sovereignty. you can choose to reconnect, and to remember.

you can continue to play along and within extreme limitations offered by conditions and permissions and programs, or you can exercise your birthright and step back into your true, divine nature; within the quantum structure, your will be done.

nothing about this reality is beyond transmutation, when in every breath, billions of potentialities and parallels present, persist, gravitate or abnegate according to your consciousness.

thought, emotion, and frequency… your tools with which to bring more light into this place, or to feed the insatiable shadows.

solvitur ambulando

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