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knowledge from inquiry

aka, history. we primarily associate this idea with what has passed, our perspective on that information and experience, and ideally our mindset and values relevant to that time.

in our personal stories, we regularly use aspects of what we remember about ourselves to inform who we are today. countless conscious and unconscious programs operate during all of our waking hours, affecting our actions, reactions, and even autonomic systems. how often do we check in to evaluate our limited perspectives?

individual and cultural identities are interesting constructs. in the process of growing through the information age, many things are exploding, expanding, being challenged, and being exposed, thankfully.

but, like any good artist and creative, limitations are essential to the journey. if we were all just amorphous blobs of could-be-anything, it’s likely our reality would simply collapse in on itself from the sheer pointlessness and aimlessness of existence.

we need these etheric boundaries to keep healthfully exploring our fantastic and strange stories, personalities, unique challenges and perspectives.

our ego helps to encapsulate the stuff of our minds and imaginations, distinguishing “me” from “you” and such, so be thankful we have all these derivations with which to journey forth.

that being said, it’s our choice to remain tied to a storyline and timeline, based on precedence and accepted history. but what if it’s not so simple?

if we can alter our physical selves by exercising, or even by imagining we’re doing so, then that means all of it is open for reinterpretation. the key ingredient is repetition and practice; if all we’ve “known” is based on scarcity and lack, self-centeredness and distrust of everyone, our reality will reflect everything that supports those notions.

we believe in them because that’s all we’ve practiced and proven to ourselves, repeatedly. doesn’t that mean we can be instantly instrumental in changing the narrative? one thought, action, realization, intent and heart-centered impulse at a time?

maybe. worth a try, no? will it be your legend, or legacy?

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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