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machete (ou, m’achète?)

it’ll keep coming at you — regardless of the script you follow, the identity you cling to, or choosing to blame the world or anyone in it.

while you’re in the game, you have choice. you’ll have endless space after this round for review and reflection, so don’t loiter too much in idle reverie; disengagement will drain the batteries, too. you’re here to be and create your art.

shame — the flipside of and antithesis to vulnerability. our culture both feeds off it, and aggressively proliferates it. it’s disgusting, and cowardly. it’s the opposite of love, stillness, surrender and true knowing. it’s the idea of not enough, in whatever variation you can imagine, internalized. we’ve weaponized it, personally, in the family and community, and of course, industrially. it’s time to grow beyond.

why do we cover, color, ink up, distort and detest our bodies? we feed them shit food, brutal and violent ideas, and beliefs, and wonder why we’re perpetually toxic and exhausted. if it’s a grand conspiracy to keep us grumpy, infighting, turned off and disconnected from our higher functionality, damn, it’s been effective.

but, we are aware. we can’t claim ignorance or apathy (or ennui) with all the tools, information, evidence, and minute-by-minute discovery of the sacred, untapped, hidden, empowering and uplifting aspects of our history, and of our true human nature.

it’s a jungle out there, but mostly in our imaginings. we all bring to ourselves the opportunities and means of achieving our lifetime aspirations — considered before even traveling through the birth canal. how could it be otherwise? nobody is simply being tossed around by life. our preoccupation with all that could go wrong, all that is wrong, and death, is just that: distracting, deferring, and disempowering.

come back to the now. reconnect with home. recalibrate your perspective. elevate your perception.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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