you can keep trying to resist, but the wave is upon us. radical change is the theme of the day, and you might as well learn how to surf; it’s a full-body workout, and good luck if you try to duck-dive through it.

pain is easy. pain is the usual suspect, and has been our constant partner. pain is impartial, as is love. pain is a perfect teacher in this mental and physical space.

don’t believe in the commercial; don’t only hear “relief”… the pain has been asked for, to shake up our stagnant and stale beliefs.

so, as we collectively ramp it up even more, this transition and housecleaning and stripping down to the core will demand a new level of self-respect. the diet of settling for and tolerating our own, and another’s bullshit will no longer suffice.

turning the page, keep writing the new story, inside and out. expect chaos. be terrified and invigorated by it. the fire can never harm what is real, what is authentic, what is alive.

solvitur ambulando

      Elevate - Trance Blackman

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