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most of us will go through life on a fairly predictable trajectory. it would take a concerted effort to live outside of the established parameters of what came before, doubly so because we learn most my modeling, training, and educating by the same means and influences. much of this place revolves around contrast and struggle….

the zoom lens

keep the end results in mind. what’s the destination, ultimately? what is the goal, or underlying desire; where to you want to get to in this life?…

unpredictable and turbulent

there’s a phrase, or variation of such, that’s popular nowadays. something along the lines of “…in these unpredictable and turbulent times…” frequently uttered within range of, and with regards to peaceful practices, mindfulness, meditation, standing up for what we believe in, and other supposedly original ideas. does every generation have their underlying, perpetual, victim-state belief…


December 2016 turning pages; ramping it up you might have noticed, by perhaps reading some of my blog posts, looking closer at some of my song lyrics, or, perhaps following and reading some of my social media quips, i enjoy delving into ideas once uncommon, concepts and insights in the arenas considered esoteric, alternative, and paranormal; quantum physics, metaphysics, consciousness, spirituality,…


energetic stagnation (and, everything is energy; vibration) leads to obsessive behaviour, akin to escapism. if we narrow our options, through egoic attempts at control, or, if we idle in an indecisive haze, we tend to develop blockages that will enflame in the physical machine….