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Super, Human

We are sovereign, creator beings, here to heal and support the massive wave of change, that is shifting and realigning (collapsing) timelines and realities toward our natural, beneficent, wholistic expressions — in the highest forms, in the greatest version, of the truest vision we have ever held for humanity.

I am divine love.

Through this incredibly powerful existence, human forces and focus can be, do, and create immense harm, or endless good; harmony. While the blinding cloak has been effective throughout the ages, still we persist, and gather, and transmute, and progress… Dancers of light.

The grand illusion, and frequent seduction, is that we can “fail”. Yet it is not universal truth: we explore failure; we delve into the depths of the shadows, yet the elemental essence remains. Even if we delineate a “billion years” it will, and does persist; it reacquires creatorship, and initiates and perpetuates emergence.

At every moment we can awaken to our true selves, yet all avenues and expressions are valid. Time only matters for historical record, but history is ever-malleable.

We resist (defer, delay, subvert) awakening, because the explorer-experiencer is never satiated. Existing as ever-curious, in full knowledge of our continuance, affords us a freedom not conceived of in the rudiments and rigmarole of the everyday.

Yet, what we resist, persists. Thus, we can at once be creatively liberated, while concurrently, we fall victim to perceptual occlusion; amid the cyclical nature of energetic imbalance, we forget that we’ve forgotten.

The song sings the singer; the painting envelops the artist; layers upon layers, stories upon stories… for a moment, even the pendulum may seem to have forgotten its motivation… the multiverse holds its breath…

And then… here we go again.

Solvitur ambulando