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All Scarcity and Lack is a Lie

There is no shortage of money, food, water, oil, energy, raw materials, arable land, clean air, space, time… You name it. Why do we believe in all the stories, the fear porn, and all the narratives that tell us otherwise? Never in recorded history has wealth been so great, has general prosperity been so widespread. There are more billionaires and millionaires, all over the world, than ever before. Why are there wars? Why is there any hunger? How is it even possible there are any homeless people, anywhere in the world?

It’s certainly not for lack of funds, resources, or anything that any human could ever want or need, at least for basic survival. So, what gives?


We can grow food anywhere, at any time of the year, in any climate, under virtually any condition — for any number of people. We know how to replenish depleted soil, repopulate forests, green deserts (and thus rapidly repopulate all variety of flora and fauna), and build all-weather, generational, self-powered structures anywhere, at any time. Within a short term, even a single season, almost any food crop can be grown, then with seeds harvested and saved, regrown forever. The same goes for animals and livestock. Big Agro and the mainstream media lies about this in all ways, always, especially when coerced and influenced by profiteering parasites such as Bayer, and their minions Monsanto — who, of course, are influencing your government reps from every angle, all the time. Heirloom seeds are always under threat from these psychopaths and their legal teams. Most climate concerns are made-up nonsense as well, but you already knew that.

There is no shortage of food. Period. In fact, we — especially in the Westernized cultures — throw in the garbage as much, if not more than we consume, on a daily basis, from grocery chains, to restaurants, to most of your, and your neighbors’ households. It’s undeniable, inefficient, and wasteful. Go local. Start in your backyard. Most of us really only need one meal per day (of real food) to be healthy, strong, and in good shape. Try. Many choose to poison themselves daily with simulated food products, filler junk, diet nonsense, and wonder why they’re aching, tired, flabby and sagging, aging too quickly, requiring pharmaceuticals just to get by, and perpetually strung out.

Stop lying to yourself. Garbage in, garbage out. It’s very, very easy to get the right nutrition (simple, natural, organic, single ingredients) into your body, without ever looking at a food label. Start with adequate sunlight.


Water replenishes itself, and always will, both from deep under the ground, and from the natural cycles of the surface. All talk of shortages, drought, etc., are either patently false, backed by some for-profit or political agenda, or not the whole story. Most cities don’t provide healthy water to drink, though they spend exorbitant amounts of your money processing, chlorinating, fluoridating, and otherwise deadening the water that flows through the pipes into your home, and out of your shower. We have better ways, and have had them for millennia. You just have to be willing to look, to learn, to make some changes to your lifestyle, and adapt a little. Small, localized solutions are always the better choice.


Humans have been able to manipulate the weather for over a century. Why are they spraying chemicals over most urban areas, all over the world, all the time? Nature is perfectly attuned to cleaning up the air, without our inputs, without our interventions. The critical step is acting consciously and concertedly toward reduction, recovery, replenishing, and restoration. We have solutions. We already know how. Again, nature shows the way, always. If they can fabricate, fund, and proliferate non-issues like the transgender and transhumanist agendas, surely we can solve real and true problems with much less effort, money, time, sociopolitical harm, and malicious, persistent propaganda.


As many people already know, the idea of “income tax,” and virtually all taxation, is outright theft and organized crime. It’s an ancient, parasitic notion that delusional proponents and employees of governments use to justify their existence, feigning the need for taking well over half of the earnings of those who choose to play within the rules, or at least the rules they’re aware of. Income tax, fuel tax, goods and services tax, carbon tax, water tax, property tax, property transfer tax, probate tax… Everything is affected, even after you die, and is siphoned away by the never-satisfied, always “fixing problems by causing problems” bureaucracy — who can and will print or otherwise create all the money they require out of thin air. There is no accountability, and no transparency. The “debt” will never be paid, and the “budget” will never be balanced. It can’t, for in doing so, the system would be exposed for the fraud that it is, at every level. These are merely buzzwords and political jargon used to placate, divide, and confuse an ignorant public, to keep us thinking that these ridiculous garbage humans are doing anything of real value.

Anyone who’d dare to operate in the manner that governments and politicians do, would soon be in prison.

Real wealth building, entrepreneurship, acquiring and protecting your assets isn’t valued nor taught in public education. Academia is there to break the youthful, enterprising spirit, to conform the mind and body to repetitive behavior, segmented days, severely limited blocks of time for learning, and following uniform rules of conduct.

Today’s youth are sleep-deprived, traumatized by oppressive government overreach (e.g., the plandemic tyranny and mandates), assaulted by woke ideology, sex and gender politics, climate propaganda, and other fallacies and false narratives. It’s both a wonderful and terrible time to be so well-connected with our devices, unlimited data, and the internet.

No human needs billions of dollars. Not even millions. In truth, living a rich, full, happy, purposeful, productive, and fulfilling life, doesn’t require money at all, but social and cultural programming demands otherwise. How many marriages and relationships fail because of money problems, and contrasting values around materialism and wealth? How many will work hard their whole lives, then having worn out their bodies and minds, run out of money before they die? How many will forever defer and delay pursuing their dreams and ambitions for lack of funds, or time, which is the real currency of life? I’m certainly not promoting laziness, nor apathy, nor being poor and dependent, but I think the general malaise of this generation is telling of issues we’re not admitting to nor addressing. It isn’t any single thing, but it is widespread.

It’s All Connected

I could go on, but every concern raised herein is easily taken apart and nullified. The greatest challenges of our time are in choosing our perspective, finding our allies, defining and defending our true values, and discerning our way forward. Perhaps that’s only possible if we can somehow dissociate from the control matrix, en masse. It’s very easy to get bogged down in daily rituals and routines, favoring the familiar and somewhat functional. Children grow up quickly. Some adults do, too. Most do not. With so many levels of perception, narrative, sensemaking, and agency, how can we ever hope to tackle generational challenges? A select few can so easily and forever keep us caught up in the polarities, differences, divisions, petty squabbling, and small-minded nonsense. One generation passes, and the same issues arise, again and again. Is it even possible to break the pattern?

Today’s politicians are operating within what is essentially an organized crime syndicate, while lying about nearly everything, especially energy, climate action and fictitious, business and economy-destroying goals; especially budgets and their solutions to inflation (which they caused); especially medicine and deadly, unnecessary (for profit) injection campaigns. Shut off the screens, get off social media, and go live, away from their false, distorted realities. There are no lies in nature. All they ever seem to do is get more involved in what matters to us; more intrusion, disruption, surveillance, taxes, dependence on loans, welfare and handouts, multiplying laws and regulations; more government bloat, less progress, stability, simplicity, health, and wellbeing. The more we depend on them, the more tyrannical they become, and the less peaceful the world is.

Real change only ever happens at the ground level, in our own lives, in our own hearts and minds. We can all take a step back at any moment, to catch ourselves in a self-fulfilling, life-negating, self-sabotaging pattern or behavior. It then ripples out into the community, and eventually the civilization at large. But when there are so many ideas and influences coming at us from every direction, we can’t necessarily make heads or tails of what should be the focus, what should be valued, and what should be a priority.

All scarcity and lack is a lie. That might be the best place to start. Imagine.

Solvitur ambulando