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An Unfulfilled Romance

It’s likely most of us have at some point, or are perhaps currently dealing with aspects of unfulfilled, or broken romance — with life, with a partner, or with a dreamy, dream, dream . . . fantasy.

At our core, we thrive on passion. Those who dive in and grab hold of the rope, pull themselves up onto the surface and dare to ski on the waves, live it fully, most every day. Others, or possibly the vast majority, dabble, suppress, ignore, or avert their eyes and swim with the distractions and busyness as often as possible, so to avoid the aches, pains, frustrations, depression, or other side-effects of hearing the music, but being terrified of learning to dance.

Tripping and falling is part of the art, dontcha know?

There’s a fire eternal beneath the customary physical matter of things. Everything in our reality consists of energetic constructs, glued and bonded with the ol’ consciousness that makes any of it worthwhile. Stagnation is impossible in our universe. Thus, the attempt to subvert, compress, or otherwise minimize the flow of life inevitably has (perceived) negative outcomes. It’ll show up in our bodies, or it will show up on our paths. Life demands expansion, or we quite simply would cease to exist in this time and place.

In this day and age, there are vast changes afoot. Who you were a decade or two ago (if you’re “old enough”) would quite possibly not recognize who and what you are today. More and more, it can be a struggle to discern meaning, based on old ideas and capitalist constructs. Outdated systemic influences are fading in importance, and growing in impotence.

And so, we create events and circumstances to engage in something meaningful. And we rinse, and we repeat. Drama is self-inflicted as a side-stepping maneuver to the real stuff of life we are usually afraid to engage in. Then, when we feel disappointed, disillusioned, hurt, taken advantage of, empty and resentful, that fire is once again suppressed — and a part of us is relegated to the shadows. We have wounds to lick, so, piss off, world!

We tend to err on the side of wanting, or more often, needing. It’s an imbalanced act of quiet desperation, but it doesn’t have to be so. We, as multidimensional, divine benders of light, operate at our best when things are generally neutral — especially our expansive gifts, such as intuition. There are always positives, and there are always negatives. We are generally conditioned to stick with the negative (in fact, our brains are literally wired in this way, by default, silly amygdala) because it’s a knee-jerk response that is familiar, and it works. Positive aspects take deliberate effort, and are thus more rewarding over the long haul. To circumvent our biology, and conditioned psychology, if such a thing is necessary, takes conscious choice, moment by moment.

We, are the power. We choose how and what and who affects us.

Feeling unfulfilled is excellent! It’s just a feeling. It’s a barometer. It’s proof that there is more, or there is something we are not seeing. There is an opportunity. It’s also rendered moot when we look at it through and with a perspective of gratitude; while that lacking feeling may often be triggered by things and experiences and memories of what was before, that trigger, too, can be reprogrammed. If we can choose to recognize the feeling as merely a transient indicator, we can heed the wisdom each and every circumstance is offering us, right then, right now.

Love your life,