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Anchors, and the Illusive Contentment

Every choice is an anchor point. In every moment, we can choose a new journey.

We can build momentum in the direction we prefer, following the impulse; following the excitement.

The struggles and challenges in life are by no accident. Never. It’s the point of this place of tremendously dense reality to explore aspects of creation that can exist only here, only in this way.

We stem from a source that has an essence founded in permanence, and a scope beyond our minds. This temporal, transient, template reality is a sandbox; it is a safe place to delve into contrast and constriction, limits and restriction, not available anywhere else in our universe.

That’s why ideas of pain, death and destruction are essentially moot.

Regardless of outward appearances, there is a stability, a divinity, an absolute integrity that is indestructible. It is beyond this matrix and it defies the very idea of construct. It is a consciousness that can manifest itself as DNA; as molecules; as the subatomic; as the mind.

We simplify and segment, desperate to reduce all-that-is into packet-sized, common, anthropomorphisms . . . our science, religion, and mass-socializations have severed, and distanced our souls.

But, an uneasiness is bubbling underneath. Those courageous enough to embrace it will shape the next phase of this place. Some feel it more than others. Some choose to ignore it. Some are content to be background players. Many are no longer able to pretend a background exists.

It comes back to choice, and will. In every facet of now, individually, and interdependently, we cause ripples, and we make waves.

Change, shift, integrate.

Love your life,