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Anchors: Illusive Contentment

Audio Version (featuring music by Sergii Pavkin)

Every choice is an anchor point. Every moment presents us with the opportunity to embark on a new journey.

We can build momentum in the direction we want by following the impulse and the excitement.

Life’s struggles and challenges are not accidental. Never. It is the purpose of this place of extremely dense reality to explore aspects of creation that can only exist here, in this way.

We come from a source with a timeless essence and a scope that extends beyond our understanding. This temporal, transient, template reality is a sandbox; it is a safe place to experiment with contrast and constriction, limits and restrictions that are not found anywhere else in our universe.

That is why the concepts of pain, death, and destruction are essentially meaningless.

Regardless of appearances, there is unbreakable stability, divinity, and absolute integrity. It exists beyond this matrix and defies the concept of a construct. It is a consciousness that can take many forms, including DNA, molecules, subatomic particles, and that which we often misrepresent as the mind.

We simplify and segment, desperate to reduce all-that-is to packet-sized, common anthropomorphisms. Our science, religion, and mass-socializations have severed and separated our souls.

There is definite sense of unease beneath the surface. Those who are brave enough to embrace it will shape the future of this place. Some people feel it more strongly than others. Some decide to ignore it. Some are content with being background players. Many people can no longer pretend that a background exists.

It comes down to choice and will. We create ripples and waves in all aspects of our lives, both individually and interdependently.

Change, shift, and integrate.

Love your life.