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Big Things

Have the audacity to be bold and take the time to dream big.

But here’s the thing: it has nothing to do with material gains. Not in the grand scheme. We’ve been looking at things backwards in so many aspects of our reality and it’s time to make the shift.

What’s big? What’s bold? Love, happiness, excitement, they’re big. The universe is big. Consciousness is big. It is infinite, and it is ubiquitous.

Thus, thought, is big. Emotion is big.

Our days can easily be filled with menial and trivial things, or with the values and priorities of others imposed upon us.

If we buy in only to the smaller aspects of life and dwell in the rigmarole of how-to – and hold on to every little accomplishment for dear life – we are at the whim of bullshit rule makers, or small minds.

Having a dominant priority, based on your core values, infuses a pursuit resonant to your heart. This creates the energy with which the whole course of the everyday can and will shift to suit your aspirations.

Self-discipline will become effortless. Organizing your time and activities will become exciting. Engaging life will increasingly become habit. Even “downtime” can be adequately fulfilling because instead of boredom and ennui, you’re dreaming of the bigness to come.

We’ve been unconscious addicted to what-is, and the black-and-white, and control, and struggle. Through quiet desperation we seek escapism; either we work ourselves to the bone or binge on AmaFlixLu.

We hide from each other because of shame, and progressively develop impatience and sensitivities – in lieu of lightness, gratitude, harmony and untapped happiness.

So what? Start fresh. Start again. Now. There are likely less than five core elements, or values, anyone wants in life, once all the mess and chaos of fragmented ideals are whittled down to their essence…

Values, are big. Reconnect with yours. Lay a new foundation. There are more competent teachers and experienced guides than ever. Listen for the song that resonates with you, until you can sing on your own.

Love your life
Solvitur ambulando