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Why Care?

We carry all sorts of strange weights and hindrances around with us in this life. We tend to experience much of the journey through a dichotomy or contradiction, within and without… Until we don’t.

Like a pedantic metronome, the slowest tempo is also the widest oscillating motion. Our life path can reflect this in our reality, with ups and downs, but our frequency, or vibration is a more relevant indicator.

Lower, baser energies, perceptions, and beliefs not only suppress our playfulness, ease, and joy in life, but drag the progress of our personal mission. Dwelling in the heaviness also keeps us in a range of manipulable feelings and emotions, as our resolve can only ever rise to the emotional frequencies of resentment and vengeance; child’s play; grey, bleak outlooks and perpetual depression, and general apathy.

This can be a useful therapeutic process if we wish it to be. Though, for many, this may be the extent of what a lifetime encompasses. That’s OK, but I’d wager that most don’t really feel good about it; there will inevitably develop an itch that desperately needs scratching…

Even if our intuition is completely suppressed, life will find a way to challenge our stubbornness and inject a little wonder; people will show up (or show up again), toes will get stubbed, new family will be born, adopted, or found, old family will drift or pass away; accidents, coincidences, economic windfalls and bankruptcies; the expected, though most likely, the unexpected.

What we’re after here is not merely numbness nor detachment, but steady, engaged presence.

When we care too much about the external influencers, we deny ourselves the connection to our truth. We progressively develop reliance on outer validation, rather than strengthening our authentic character and resolve. This inherently undermines trust in our own guidance and consequently becomes a naive dependence or superficial trust in others. Enter the shame, blame, and guilt game…

The less we expend creative energy into vacuous voids, the more we can tap into the beneficent flow. The more we care about the better feeling thought — the exciting, interesting, engaging options available right now — the less time, energy, and attention we will give away to issues, situations, circumstances, and people that do not relate.

Everyone matters. Everyone counts. Everyone is cared for. However, a specific kind of spiritual selfishness allows us to naturally align with teachers, lessons and learnings closer to our heart and allows those who are not the freedom to discover the same.

With every breath, love.