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Not Quite Enough

There are any number of ways we can feel inadequate. We can look at our career, bank account, body, car, home, friends, church, school, city, country; anything. Outward appearances afford us ample ammunition for self-destruction and spiritual shrinkage.

Too easily, we forget these seeming realities are in actuality apparitions and tricks of light. We trick our senses into believing in our perspectives, and our adherence to memetic, social, and cultural programs perpetuates it.

There’s a lot of noise out there that can keep us numb, dumb, and stupid. Advertising firms and credit card pushers salivate over this stuff. In everything, it is upon us to discern where consciousness is void… And to stop feeding it our life force.

It does matter, perhaps, to connect the dots of awareness to understand the underpinnings and instigative experiences that sowed our seeds of inequity, but in that instant we create choice. (Helpers, messengers, omens and angels are all around us if you’re stuck in the “but, why?” of it. Listen closer. Truly, shut up and listen. Love is ubiquitous, timeless, and non-judgmental…) What is here, now, and what persists is relative to what we’ve strung along on our journey, consciously or not. We can continue on in perpetuity in the victim state, but life has much more in store for the courageous.

And what we discover, time and again, when a hurdle or worry or terror is overcome, is the familiar knowing of “hey, that wasn’t so bad!” Yes, we CAN walk with a pebble in our boot, or try to think clearly with a sliver in our heart or mind… But that is a choice; the universe is just as willing and excited about our experience of worry, anxiety, anger, fear and futility — as it is of ease, grace, joy, lightness, unabashed passion, daring, and untamed love and success.

It’s all “yes!” So, it is our perception of a thing that fuels the emotion and focus upon it. Each and every feeling allows us instantaneous feedback from our higher self to what lies behind the mirror. We simply have to entrain ourselves and allow a little more presence into each fumble, bumble, and fall…

Inadequacy may feel very debilitatingly real, but it is not universal fact. It is just another opportunity to become more of who you really are.

Let go. Let love.

Solvitur ambulando