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be your own source of strength. be wholly and powerfully you, so you don’t need to rely or depend on anyone – especially your partner, spouse, or would-be lover.


have you been trying to adopt a culturally accepted conformation of independence? trying desperately to toughen up and foster resilience, grit, and stature?

are you being authentic and honest with yourself about your needs?

emotional needs are real. doesn’t make you needy.

you are not a machine. you are organic. you are a blend of numerous aspects and imprints from across the universe. you are a sovereign spirit. you are an intensely focused individuation of life, and loved without question…

but right here, right now, you are an explorer. while it’s true that nothing can truly harm the greater you, there are plenty of volatile energies, entities, and agendas that feed off your occasional forgetting.

thus, the idea that you must further isolate yourself to forge your personal power, identity, and emotional wherewithal may do you more harm than good.

vulnerability is not weakness.

our society’s hero worship (and worship in general) is an insidious poison, and a throwback to runaway masculine energetics. we’re stumbling back to balance. so, the greatest challenge today lies in simply dropping all false fronts and letting go of the massive weight of feigning safety and security through the force of will.

your truth, your essence – your god substance – doesn’t care much for pretense. it’s so watered down that all it does is smudge and blur your genuine tones and hues.

you are not alone. not ever. heart open.

solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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