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The Freedom of Missing Out

In truth, you never miss out on anything. Not ever. You may project onto someone or something a belief in a lack, want, or need that would be fulfilled, but that’s not the truth. The truth, is that you’re missing out on the power of now. You’re negating your happiness because of something outside of…


There are no authorities outside of your own original self. There are reflections to show you where you are at, guides to help you remove an illusion or program, wayshowers that trigger a remembering, but there are no words or ideas nor thoughts or visions that you didn’t have a part in creating. You are…


Commit to it. The more you dabble, wish-wash, flip-flop and dally — since the universe only knows “yes” — the more you’ll exist in a state of chaos and confusion. You’ll fall back into and endlessly repeat patterns based on your well established beliefs….