what is it that won’t let you sleep at night? what is it that gnaws at the back of your mind? what is it that angers, frustrates or disheartens you?

none of that is the issue. that’s all noise, programs, the ideas of other people, the seeds of cultural norms and expectations… but none of it is your own voice.

what is it you’re most afraid of failing or succeeding at? what are you waiting for permission to pursue–from your parents (dead or alive), from your children, ex-partners, from your logician mind or from your dreaming heart?

what truly terrifies or excites you? what makes you nervous, anxious, wide-eyed, and walking or driving endless miles and never finding? what always feels just out of reach or impossible?

we put everything and anything under the sun within these contexts, and wonder why we never find genuine fulfilment in life, love, career and even death… maybe next time?

this day, this lifetime, this sentence, paragraph, page, and book… here, now, are the infinite probabilities and potentialities, as they have always been, and here, now, is the nexus toward the quantum-magnetic bias we rarely dare to coax and infuse in our favor.

we can fill up our plates with everything that shows up, and 60-100 years will blow by in a blink.

the most repeated phrase of the dying is “i wish i had…” and the most revealing sentiments of those who dare courageously, are “that wasn’t as bad as i had imagined it would be” and “it was damn hard work, but i’ve never felt so alive, and so happy”.

it’s easier than ever to make excuses, to find distractions, and to blame life, the universe, and everyone, the government, economy, the market, the dark or shadow this or that, the elite, the users, the abusers, the criminals, and even all those who have found success… nobody detests the successful more than those who never took a chance or risked anything.

and, if you did take a chance or two, and failed, lost friends, lost heart, or lost “everything”, great! what the fuck are you waiting for this time? a vision?

if you can ask the question, you are the answer.

trust yourself. if you wake in the morning, you aren’t done here, yet.

solvitur ambulando

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