one thing i know, is i don’t get today back once it’s gone.

no matter all the worries, frustrations or anxieties, the fantasies and grand illusions, the madness of trying to make sense of people and the way of things…

it’s moot. life never turns how we imagine it (imagination is a fantastic atemporal exploration of potentialities), but it does work out for all involved.

our attachments to time and expectations cause the pain. most often what we think we want isn’t what we need…weeds in the garden posing as marigolds.

sure, we can be more comfortable with emptiness and wanting, than fulfilment and achieving. there still remains some lessons to glean in the faithful shadows.

when we want it so desperately to work or to have that magic answer to all this weight and waiting… “it” can’t possibly fill the grand canyon with a sprinkle of rain.

we, first, must remember there is no actual gap, crevasse, or fissure… we made it up.

we defined for ourselves parameters with which we could expand and explore beyond that which we have dared to explore before.

take heart! what is apparently present on your path is indicative of your vast capabilities.

while it may not immediately engender solace and cheerful knowing, we can learn in every heavy moment there is much more going on than what’s evident.

wherever we are, we are not alone. when we share it through our arts and compositions, someone out in the collective will resonate and perhaps discern a deeper knowing or resolve.

our authentic creativity operates at the heart of all matter, thus sings a lullaby to the child inside all who in that co-creative moment need to hear it.

be and do what you love – how you can, when you can, with whom you can. don’t worry so much about perfect circumstances, for they may never be.

you are more capable than you know – especially within the so-called limited means you may feel you’re forced to do your work.

look again. you don’t get today back once it’s gone.

solvitur ambulando

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