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walk on

walk on. you will forever attract opportunities for expansion, wisdom and growth.

as a random tidbit, and certainly fitting for this psychological, philosophical, spiritual blog, here’s one for the entrepreneurs we’re all needing to become, regarding customer/client archetypes (Google it):

“…you sell how you buy. If you are always looking for a loophole to save a few bucks instead of looking for value and results, you are going to attract clients that do the exact same thing.

And these clients are usually a royal pain to deal with.

Remember this rule of thumb: clients who are willing to spend the most with you are often the easiest, most pleasurable clients to deal with.” ~ Bryant Chambers

us creative folks inherently undervalue ourselves, thus we under-charge, say yes too easily to compromises, and stress a lot. much of the work i’ve done for clients over the years has been for far less than a minimum wage. so i don’t pursue it.

the internet has exploded global opportunity for everyone. it has also created an imbalance with many services that can be performed for pennies on our dollars, by those living across the world from us.

we need to be adaptable, flexible, intelligent and foster confidence in our skills and talents (and an openness to abilities we didn’t know we had). that comes with a lot of practice, and failure, and the development of skillsets we didn’t even consider before.

and we need the help of others. mentors, coaches, cheerleaders and those who genuinely care for our health and success… priceless. that’s never been easy for me, and i know it’s held me back in many ways over the years.

call it stubbornness or pride, but it’s mostly ego and arrogance, borne of insecurity and inexperience…and poorly chosen beliefs borrowed from others. it happens. but with awareness, the shift is made manifest. now i see everyone who comes along my path in a different light.

solvitur ambulando

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