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Bright Lights

The thing about authenticity is the spirit’s liberation through it. When you dive in to the real you, it doesn’t matter where you live, what you drive, what you wear, what’s in the bank, who you love, and how you love.

You do what calls to you, because that’s how you love the world.

You kick your own ass because that’s how you love yourself. Me and millions of other awakeners will hold space for you.

Nobody has a reign over you, and your shit is with you until you choose to transcend it or let it go. Take the stairs, one at a time, or jump out of the airplane and tuck and roll. Listen to YOU, heed the spine-straightening tingles, scream it out: this IS my life, who I am, and I LOVE it.

You love who you love because they feel like home to you. That’s beautiful; that’s courage; that’s vulnerable. That’s terrifying. That’s what gets the angels all abuzz. “Y’know, Michael, that’s what we’re talking about, right there…” You take it easy with yourself when it feels like it’s all closing in a little too tight, and you remember that all you need to do is to bring it all back together; bring all of you here, now, and breathe… Then stretch it back out and reclaim your heart space.

The heavier the contrast, the brighter the light behind it.