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On Service: A Picture Framed

Quite often, we discount our efforts, especially the little ones. We negate our positive effect on the lives of others, because of how we look at (value) ourselves, and how we frame our world view; we color the canvas with our preconceptions, paradigmatic programming, and ideas/beliefs of how we think others perceive us, our worth, or our contribution.

When we don’t feel like enough, nothing we ever do will be enough. But, love doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Even if our presence is absent, ripples of the beauty and genuineness of the moment can carry outward eternally. The glorious interplay of energies transcend our self-judgment, and various needs for validation. We are too hard on ourselves, and we often forget that everyone has the same concerns, worries, and problems. We just use different words and circumstances to describe them.

It’s unnecessarily complicated. It is our spirit’s nature to serve, but the noise between our ears — fueled by the stories (or perhaps traumas) we have lived – can fabricate a heaviness in our chest, or solar plexus, or our belly; we sap our loving, willpower and sensitivities needlessly. We have to remember that our mind’s rhythm rarely has anything to do with us, and our adherence to the cacophony can be paralyzing. It forces our eyes down and away, debilitates connection, authenticity, and most certainly inhibits vulnerability.

Meet the eyes of those whom you care for. Recognize that gratitude is a vortex of co-creation; an expansive vibration that benefits all involved. Let the mind do it’s best bat-shit crazy, but you stay here: see the works of your hands, useful and helpful. Observe the encouragement igniting a spark. Realize that just listening is, more often than not, enough. Simply being there, in effortless quietude, is grounding. It’s holding space, and it requires no training whatsoever.

Just be you.

We don’t happen across the lives of others by accident. And this lifetime we chose to live, is no accident.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life