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Truth and Integrity

Many people are paranoid and concerned about the ever-changing “terms and conditions” of these self-important technocrats operating social media giants. It’s a little ridiculous, and naive, if you think they’re only now capturing and getting a machine-learning high from all the data you’ve been providing, for free, for decades.

Mirror Detox

If you’re still standing, after all that 2020 has thrown at you, well done. If you’ve passed on, why do you still give a shit about social media? It is, collectively, becoming the world’s biggest running joke.

Shock Value

It seems in the age of “wokeness” and sensationalistic activism that there has been a swift and severe degradation of our capacity for civil discourse and critical conversation on challenging and complicated issues. The moment a narrative has traction or popular adoption, speaking against it in any way places you solidly in the “against us” category. It’s embarrassing, socially destructive, and clearly holding us back from progressing as a collective.

In Love/Hate with the Modern World

It starts from the top. That is something we all know. We don’t know who is truly at the top; it certainly isn’t a president, prime minister, or pope. Oligarchs? Clever (but evil) aliens? Stonecutters? Regardless, our modern world is based on power hierarchies, particularly in government, industry, commerce, education, science, and religion, all of which are heavily influenced by the capitalist market system. The system is clearly flawed, which is not surprising to most of us.

What’s the Point?

In today’s information age, it’s a fairly easy thing to get overwhelmed. When you have mainstream media nonsense, social media addiction, video games and endless phone apps, you’re likely heading for a regular dose of sensory and emotional overload.