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The Zoom Lens

Keep the end results in mind. What’s the destination, ultimately? What is the goal or underlying desire; where do you want to get to in this life?

Too often, we engage in a battle within ourselves, or with others, over petty trivialities. It’s sad, destructive, frustrating, debilitating, and wholly unnecessary — unless it fairly quickly comes to some new awareness or a choice point. But more often than not, we get unconsciously addicted to the fight for/with small ideas.

It unfortunately, yet conveniently saps our energy and vitality and courage to move forward with our pursuits and passions in life.

We are inherently passionate, feeling, excited adventurers. What kind of rational being would willingly come into a corporeal existence, mashing up numerous DNA imprints, with no memory, no language, no abilities, and no clue? We all did!

We have access to that same limitless energy for the important things in life, once we get the noise out of our space; once we reconnect with presence.

A lot of us have self-righteousness issues, fragile egos, we’re feeling lazy (read, unclear of purpose; disconnected from the compass; emotionally burnt out); misplaced entitlement, a crushing lack of confidence, or just a general confusion about the toil and tussle and hustle and bustle of life.

There are many variations of why we wait to get started. There are many easy ways out of getting our hands dirty. This may or may not have anything to do with physical exertion. The work is in distilling our spirit, and clearing the mechanism. The work is also done along the way; the work is the journey.

Thus the work is more lightly perceived as the play.

So a few interesting ideas have presented themselves to me recently. In addition to the opening statement of this post, the most powerful, by far, is “I am enough.” That’s all. That’s the whole lesson. Rinse, and repeat.

Another idea is in the arena of doing. Secondary to the feeling, excitement and imaginings of our desires and wishes and wants (can’t be an attractor of what we want if we’re nowhere near it energetically) is inspired action.

A step toward what’s desired a day keeps the universe in play.

This is where practice, auditions, writing, painting, working out, research, emails, phone calls — the daily building block, or chisel strike, relevant to the “paying your dues” idea of your pursuit. Either it paves a way, bit by bit, or it helps you decide whether or not this is something you really want to fight for anyway. Critical questions.

Also, this isn’t the work-100-hours-per-week-and-kill-yourself until you achieve it scenario. Unless it is, for you. The idea is relative to each of us, as we all have differing values and capacities. We all have differing ideas about success, and we can all expand and tap into unknown reserves, should we so desire.

Each of those little steps will build confidence and trust in ourselves. Each of those little steps can catalyze our emergence and catapult us forward and upward much more quickly than we’d thought possible; the necessary elements and co-creators are all out there, right now.

Another idea is to do what you hate (to get to where you want to be). Tackle the unpleasant right away, to make space for the flow of things. Make mistakes. Make a lot. Also, don’t wait to get motivated, because that could take decades.

Sometimes we have to kickstart our own ass and, in the end might LOVE doing that which we initially thought we’d hate to do.

There are many layers to this. We all have countless programs that may invade our peaceful, creative nature at any moment, in any circumstance. We have to choose to foster awareness and anchor to our deeper knowing. Life is actually quite simple. Love is, too.

We all want, ultimately, to be happy; to feel good. This is nothing new. But, it hasn’t necessarily been a priority while the global industrial push has set the rules of the game for generations. Time to turn the page and restart from the heart.

Let’s dance.

Solvitur ambulando