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i enjoy remixing and remaking my songs into alternate versions, once an album is released. it’s fun to strip down the song, usually to only vocal tracks, then build a new groove, and see where it goes.

i guess right now i’m doing that in my life as well, having sold off most of my toys ‘n things, looking for a new temporary or long term home, some meaningful work, and eventually upgrading to some better creative toys ‘n things. i don’t need much.

we go through periods of change and upheaval in life, though usually not so gracefully as we likely would have preferred.

and it happens on all levels, from the single cell, to the organs and muscles and bones, skin and hair, always renewing and changing. so, too, in our hearts and minds, as we grow through experience, or consciously choose new habits, mental or physical or metaphysical or spiritual training and learning.

we vary our vibrational energies with choice, or passivity, but they will vary. we expand our understanding through practice and presence, or through trial and error. life always provides opportunities to excel, expand, to challenge and to change.

when we resist, we have pain.

we can get stuck in loops. in our minds, we can get caught up in the repetitive monkey mind. in our hearts, we can forget the walls and scars we maintain, and in our bodies, we can suffer blocked and stagnated flow.

time and again we will come up against the familiar, even if we are physically in different places, different relationships, and different careers or vocations. and time and again we will afford ourselves the means to skip past the coda and start writing a new piece of music.

our grand opus has many parts. while we may repeat segments and movements, revisit themes and transpose, alter tempo, arrangements and instrumentation, we are allowed, and invited, to take up the baton and start anew, at every passage.

music is life.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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