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opposite pain

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

pain, is one of those four-letter words that encompasses many things. it means different things at different times, triggers an assortment of feelings and emotions, and, ultimately, teaches – always. this is the nature of contrast.

fear, and pain, are somewhat synonymous, though the former is more psychological and conceptual, while the latter is certainly primarily physical. they are, at their core, forms of resistance, spiritually and metaphysically speaking. resistance is spurning to flow; it’s anti-life; unconscious actions; egoic persistence, rather than heartful consistence.

our world in this reality is somewhat flooded with fear, pain, and their derivatives. our media blatantly extorts it. our entertainment explores and profits from it. our commerce inhabits it in its vast, puerile superficiality. our education (indoctrination) embraces it. our economy manipulates it. our governance enforces and exploits it.

a certain numbness rules this day, for we are largely in the space between; we are unsure of what is worth holding onto and bringing forward, while newly aware of what urges us to elevate our interdependent existence; to embrace ease, grace, lightness, unity, authenticity, and the deep, naked knowing beckoning us out of our shadowy, self-sustained caverns.

opposite pain is, understandably, virtually unknown. we have to learn to trust again. hundreds of generations of us have mostly relied on pushing, pulling, fighting, forming, factoring, mapping, manipulating, and being manipulated. this kind of consciousness is only recognized in dream state, not in our everyday and rigmarole.

and every eye you meet knows the terror they can’t yet voice. we’re more polarized and compartmentalized than ever, yet i believe this to be the bow being drawn; the slingshot being stretched; the catapult being cranked tight. this evolutionary conflux is steadying us, purifying us, and about to propel us far beyond the clumsy constructs we’ve accepted and half-heartedly integrated. we are so much more, and the river is about to burst through the dam.

opposite pain is open. it is tangible and for the partaking. it is that breath that reaches from your soul. it is the knowing and acting in accordance with excitement, gratitude, flow, faith and foresight. it is the vortex that’s been amassing the universe of your desires, passions, and the unreasonable.

it is accepting that maybe there’s nothing wrong with you…

you can feel it, yeah?

solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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