we live in a society that seems hell bent on scaring us to death, and only Marvel can save us. if you buy into the noise, we’re only two heartbeats from failed health, failed relationships, and financial ruin.

we’re in a constant state of coping with the world, in some kind of resistance, and suffering violent thoughts, beliefs, and paradigms.

from the bottom up, our bodies benefit from pressure. muscles tear to build stronger. bones toughen through gravity and pounding. our cardiopulmonary systems expand and strengthen through exertion and movement. our core strength in the physical can thrive with healthy stress and activity.

our minds, chemically and electrochemically, thrive through the cognitive and psychological challenges, through study, learning, experience, practice, failure and repetition. part of this relates to the aforementioned physical aspects.

our spirits, however, our consciousness, our intangible selves, and that from which all the rest derives, is not at all subject to the laws of the physical, nor the psychological.

what goes beyond, what encompasses, what informs everything about our story and transcends the material is tapped into through release, presence, allowance, stillness, surrender and letting go; it is timeless, emotional, informational, vibrational, geometric, quantum entangled, electromagnetic potentiality.

thus, it’s evident why the concepts and practices of the subtleties of what we really are can be so difficult, perceptually impractical, and largely dismissed or considered irrelevant.

yet, with practice, you can know anything you need to know, when you need to know it. you can heal and strengthen your mind and body through your imagination and meditation. you can find your answers and make adjustments in your daily life by listening closer to the guidance within.

as the saying goes, change the world by changing yourself. as you change and shift, your perceptions and perspectives change, your appreciation and gratitude shifts, you become aware of the natural forces at play, and recognize synchronicities and previously unseen interconnectivity in all things.

you begin to fall into love. and that can only be good for the rest of us.

look again.

solvitur ambulando

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