the anxiety, worry, and stress does nothing to help your creative flow. it not only closes doors right in front of you, it locks them, so you’re convinced you need to keep madly seeking, searching, struggling and suffering in the “how” of it all, lacking the magic key.

try surrender.

your greater self (your indivisible, light-bending expansiveness; that which you exist and play within) is always waiting to engage you, though “waiting” isn’t entirely accurate. it’s always open to your willingness to dive deep. it’s everything you’re afraid might happen, and won’t. it’s sitting with the knowing that the challenge you face is not as immense as your old programs make it seem.

it is timeless, like you. it is yes.

if we believe the noise that persists and assaults our sensitivities day in and day out, we will be subject to the insanity of it. there is very little you need to truly thrive in life, and “hard work” and the latest “smart” phone ain’t part of it, sleepy.

you’ll push, force, fight, bend, break, resist, react, and hustle, or you’ll try surrender. the answer is likely somewhere in the middle, given our penchant for going against our inherent intuitive process.

for now, so be it. humanity has an infinite potential, and very few can really grasp that idea – beyond the mere words used to describe it. so, let’s perhaps stop pretending we’re incapable, savage monkeys, slamming into one another and avoiding eye contact so we can avoid seeing our despair in their reflection.

i am you. you are me. i see you.

solvitur ambulando

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